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Lumeris and Healthcare: Better for Everyone

September 16, 2016
One aspect of the Lumeris approach that makes them different from others comes with their ability to shift and even embrace the changing healthcare landscape. Lumeris provides a crucial service as a long-term operating partner for healthcare organizations as they move into the new world of value-based care.

In the new healthcare system, providers must deliver the best possible health outcome if they want to receive the maximum payment and receive the most financial benefit. Lumeris offers the most comprehensive services in the industry, and they can help manage all types of health systems, provider alliances and payers. Their philosophy is based on a notion that all elements of the system working together seamlessly makes the system better. For that reason, they provide operational support, technology, and consulting services to help with that.

With Lumeris as a partner, every organization they work with can accomplish improved quality at less cost with greater patient and physician satisfaction. The Lumeris Collaborative Model uses the healthcare industry's best models to produce huge cost savings, up to 30 percent.