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Lumeris Shifts To Shared Risk Health Models

March 29, 2016
Lumeris Company got KLAS recognition as a leading company that provides quality care management Services. It was announced the 2015/2016 Care Management System champion that is value based. It has offered quality services, and efforts meant to assist the healthcare professionals. Dr. Paul Kaplan of Lumeris acknowledges the influences of alternative payment engagements and the variations in the delivery system of healthcare have on the role of technology in the accomplishment of health care and PCPs.

Lumeris, Inc. has partnered with institutions and organizations that dedicate to the changeover from volume to expensive care and giving first class financial and clinical services. Through acknowledged playbooks based on cooperation, valid data and creative engagement approaches, Lumeris has empowered clients to achieve satisfying results. The company provides different categories of services for the management of any customers. The services include Multi-player, Medicare Health Plans launch, Government and Commercial health Plan Optimization, Health Services Organizations that deals with multi-populations (PHSOs). The company offers all its services while appreciating the central role played by technology.

Companies involved in offering assistance to hospitals have been shifting from paid service to shared risk health models. The Affordable Care Act passage has seen an accumulation of venture capital in the industry. The transformation in the Obama-style healthcare offers health motivations to the service providers so that they concentrate in maintaining public health.